Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love to Hate (Day 5)

HOW could I EVER possibly find something that I LOVE to HATE about this cute little thing?

OK... maybe there are a couple of little tinnie tiny things I could have taken pictures of... you know - the laundry that is on the floor JUST to the right of the hamper... OR the amount of food that is UNDER the table after a meal... seriously, sometimes I think we COULD feed a small country, or at least our dog (which is saying a lot since she's 120lb Great Dane) with the left overs under the table.

But, I'm not really one of those people who likes pics of things.... so it was hard for me to come up with something to photograph... well, until I sat down with them in the playroom today. It took all of five minutes to capture a couple of quirky kid things that really do drive me batty...

You're probably thinking... OK - WHAT could be the Love to Hate thing here... well, if you know me at all - I am a GERM-A-PHOB! Seriously -toys in the mouth just GROSS me out! I know this IS a pretend stir stick for Addie's Barista shoppe so it is just a literal form of pretend play BUT...
Inevitably it ALWAYS lands in another someone's mouth... GROOOOOOOSSSSSS! (I will admit that the kids DID NOT really swap spit in any of these photos - after snapping the first - I made Noah wash it was soap and water)... and then Addie had to mimick her big brother about 2 nanoseconds AFTER he had washed it and then had to wash it AGAIN...

And this is the ultimate... you get the idea where this finger had been and was going again... they all get into trouble so when he saw me snapping pics he tried to hide what he'd been doing... I think the "oh no! I got caught let me fake this wasn't happening" smile says it all!

I am continuing to LOVE this project... and after last night's class - I need all the encouragement daily to get at my camera to MASTER all these blasted concepts... Sarah Goodman really makes it look as easy as walking. Could be why her work is so stinking amazing!

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