Friday, February 4, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 4)

Today's mission... what they wear. The possibilities were endless... especially with the Egglets. I am never sure who will be visiting the breakfast table... will Super Girl be back? What about a princess... a snowboarder or pirate? Many days - after they've been dressed for the day - I will take some laundry up to put away and when I come back - I am greeted by what I like to call "naked hiney". They really have on under ware - but NOTHING else!

This morning while cleaning the bathrooms - they each asked for a pirate hat... so, I adorned their heads with bandannas... and when I walked downstairs I was greeted by 3 kids who had stripped down to undies and bandannas.

Here's the hard part for me and photography... yesterday I was super excited about the shot I captured and today - well, there wasn't a stellar one. I was facing the window - a big no no... makes the pics fuzzy and I couldn't capture just what I was seeing... I did however get my BIG boy's BIG eyes (and lashes) and caught a tender moment between he and his sis.... Normally I would have kept trying or waited until later but I have a busy day getting ready for my photography workshop tonight with Sarah Goodman here in Phoenix....

UPDATED: Ok... since I first posted... I had another moment to steal some shots of Moose putting on his cowboyboots... well, one of his and one of Addie's...but they were on the right feet! I have to say I do LOVE this pic. I love his concentrated look on his face... AND, after last night's class I have to scratch out that - it's a no no to have a window in the background.... well, it is if you don't know how to manipulate your camera to work WITH any light... and I have to say, it will be a work in progress for this girl!

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