Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who They Love (Day 6)

This is Addie doing her treatment today.... AND... yes, that is Rapunzel ALSO doing her treatment. This girl LOVES Rapunzel.... she even makes me read her Tangled bedtime story by replacing all the "Rapunzel's" with "Addie"... makes me smile EVERY time.

AND, you may also notice that Rapunzel is not wearing her normal outfit.... that's because she changes her clothes daily according to what we are doing. Today, it's SUPER BOWL Sunday - so we will be heading to our cousins for a little SUPER BOWL Party... Addie heard "party" and instantly said Rapunzel had to wear her party attire!

I am so excited to have all the photos at the end of this... AND, have been intentionally taking photos of EACH of them with their "things", etc so that I can make them each their own book of what I LOVE about them... YOU know Matt's pic today will be with his beloved RAT...

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