Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 9)

Assignment today (well, technically yesterday again... grrrrrr)... Photograph the one(s) you love doing something they love... sports, hobbies, collections, etc... Well, I am not going to waste a lot of time on words here - sorry in advance for all the photos....
While Noah is in school the twins and I do just about anything... grocery shop, Target shop, play outside... but most days - we CRAFT... and today THEY wanted to make necklaces and bracelets... Moo likes to make them for just about anyone... himself included!

We've gotten smart and put a chip clip on the end of the string... it saves us from picking up millions of beads off the floor.

And, you know when the tongue comes out - there is some MAJOR concentration happening!

She decided to be a total over-achiever... I have NO clue where she gets that gene from.... AND made a "Tangled" purple necklace.

Of course they had to model... this is Matty's "tough" face... yah, you have to have a tough face when you're a guy sporting beaded bracelets.

And the SURPRISE face... He's got it on backwards - but he made one for sissy with HIS name on it... ahhhhhh.

And, the outfit... well, ever since he's scene Tangled THREE times - he wants to be Flynn... yah, he wants to be a thief.... not too sure how I feel about this - I mean Flynn DOES turn his life around in the end... and Flynn wears a button down shirt - so my little GQ man WON'T wear anything but!

After school Noah came home and does what he does ALL the time... he builds and creates Monster trucks... Here was today's and he was NOT impressed with my camera in his face...

Which is why I am soooooo thankful for my girlie girl. She's pretty rough and tumble and can sure handle her own with her big and little brother... but nowadays - she is ALL into "pretty" things, twirly skirts AND getting her pic taken... (on her terms of course).

So, play we did! Peek-a-boo got me this fun little glance... and I had lots of fun adding some fun finishes....

And, she thought it was pretty fun to LAY on our kitchen table in front of our window... it's always more fun to do something you're not supposed to.

And, this one has to be my favorite of the day... I know, nothing to do with the original assignment for this project - but I am still working through what I learned Friday night from Sarah Goodman and something seems to be clicking! (Pun intended!)

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