Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 8)

Today's assignment... a gift from from the heart... photograph something material or immaterial that a loved one has given you that shows it was a gift from the heart... Now, I know you may have read the post that started this journey where I explained that the husband gave me my first DSLR ... little did I know that it would unleash a passion in me I never knew I had for photography! SO, while this did show me that he saw potential that I didn't... it is also a symbol to me for me (we have to love ourselves too right?) that I will spend the time to continue to stretch and grow and learn new things... NOW... this post ALSO has Matty Moo who is really one of the THREE best things God has ever given BOTH of us! This post has TONS of pics... I couldn't just pick one because of the story I felt it told!
Seriously, I feel like this series of photos really shows me in my "infant" stage of getting to know my camera and how to work it all!

Umm, OK... set my ISO...

Adjust the f/stop.....

Oh yah, get that shutter speed just right....

Ready? SMILE!

Let's see how this one looks.....

WHAT did I do wrong? WHY is it so dark? I just don't get it!!!

Let's see... power on...check. ISO set.... check. f/stop set....check. Shutter speed....check. WAIT A MINUTE... the lens cap is on!!

Oh well, we all have to make some mistakes while we learn, right?!?

I love this last one... and yes, I DID intentionally ONLY want the NIKON on the lens cap in focus... AND.... not that you'd know by their clothes (or lack there of) but this is actually Sissy. My first born gift has rebelled today against the photography assignment!

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Colleen said...

I love the series of photos! What a great story. :0