Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 10)

Today was all about capturing the one you love in their spaces.... I had HIGH hopes for today's photos... but an unexpected trip to the pediatrician, a yummy lunch at Nana and Papa's, and an EXTRA LONG HEAVENLY nap time left me with less than desirable light and some SERIOUS bedhead.
To really capture the Twinkie's room - I HAVE to start with these ADORABLE signs that were painted by a great friend!

When you have two that share a room, it's important to make sure they are both represented... if not this room would have been all pink and frill! lol

Since they were born, we've referred to them as Thing 1 and Thing 2... and Pottery Barn was nice enough to have Dr. Seuss themed bedding and pillows... WELL, except that NANA made these quilts - Pottery Barn has NOTHING on a Nana handmade original! This is Moo's bed and YES...

Those ARE rats in his basket. Matty took after Noah and loves his rats! (Thank you Auntie Wendy for buying them stuffed rats...)

AS you can see, the beds are the PERFECT height, not only for sleeping, but for racing Mustangs...

And here's Addie... just being her normal spunky self. She is a lot like her dad - she wakes up and is ready to tackle the world. Moo is a lot like his mom... well, let's just say, 20 mins, coffee (milk), alone time AND... well, sometimes that isn't even enough!

He's more of a hide in the corner and snuggle with his rats for a while kinda guy!

And, this is Noah's room...And YES... he HAS requested to get rid of the "BABY wallpaper"... he has BIG plans for his room for his birthday - he wants a green, black and white room that is corvette themed.... This is the top of his dresser where he holds his prized things. It rotates but for the most part these are always on there. A Lightening McQueen piggy bank that Auntie Chris and Uncle Jake brought back straight from Disneyland... some Monster trucks and the picture his dad colored for him one night after work that he INSISTED needed a frame! (That picture is the very reason I WILL NOT color with our kids....)

Yes, he has a bed and his name on the wall as well.... but like I said - the light was bad. Can't expect much at 6pm at night... I told you a REALLY LONG NAP... so, the only way I could salvage this photo was to cover it up in black and white!

Here's Addie waiting patiently (but maybe with a little attitude) for me to wrap it up... she wanted to go downstairs but lately is my shadow and won't leave my side! It's cute... kinda.

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