Friday, February 11, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 11)

Today started out rough... well, yesterday didn't end until about 1am today... so the morning wake up call was not really welcomed... then the computer decided to go wonky... and I had a deadline!
So, when I read today's assignment that said I needed to photograph the ones I love in regards to their dreams... I have to say, I was a little lazy and wanted an easy way out... SO, I asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up... I kinda thought I knew... well, I KNEW what Noah would say... therefore, I knew what Matty would say... but sissy - she's got different goals (and persona's daily)!
Yes, the boys want to be race car drivers.... AND, since they have costumes... they insisted on wearing them.

And Addie... well, she had to wear her costume too.... but said she wants to be a donut baker when she grows up. I'd like to say that she's brilliant and knew that we'd have to go somewhere to get pics (and donuts) but honestly I have NO CLUE where donut baker came from... BUT... I have to say, if she ends up a donut maker - well, I hope she does it with her whole heart and unto the Lord!

And, I have to say she's be the cutest donut baker I've ever seen! Who knows - maybe she'll be a race car driver sponsored by Krispy Kreme... man... can you see her chomping on a donut and chugging the milk after she wins the race?!? (Don't you love the "stock" smile?)

Seriously though - getting pics was hard... taking 3 kids this age ANYWHERE especially a donut shoppe can be an adventure... so while I am trying to learn how to expose anywhere - I was more concerned with just getting the shots for this assignment! And they just wanted the donuts...

Here's Noah with his homemade belt of elastic since he's all of a sudden shot up and can't keep his costume up! He's VERY serious about donut selection!

See what I mean, I asked him to turn and smile but those donuts were just tooooo much to take his eyes off!

And he was even less impressed when I asked him to smile WHILE eating!

We had a blast and we were all very thankful that Sissy decided she needed to be a donut baker... I mean, it didn't take much to convince me to drive the 16 miles to the nearest Krispy Kreme!

If a smile could speak it would say, "I AM smiling, now leave me alone with this sugary goodness!"

Moose wasn't even going to play games... there was NO getting his focus off his donut. I have to say, while at 3 it seems a little annoying at times -this kid has the most incredible focus. It's VERY hard to get his mind off something once he's set it on it... but I really think with some parental guiding - this will be a strong attribute as he grows older!

And, the donut maker herself... going after the icing and sprinkles... a woman after my own heart! This project is amazing and I am so glad that today the laundry and vacuuming didn't fool me into thinking that it was more important! It's days like this that will be in our hearts forever... the kids won't remember if the house was always clean - but they will remember the moments you intentionally carved out for them! (And, for the record, on the way home Addie said she wanted to be a horse doctor... the boys and I am SO glad she said donut baker first!)

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K-Mama said...

Now THAT was just precious! And I have to agree that it is a good thing she said donut baker...there coul've been soooo many other places you might've visited are an amazing mom and your photography is beautiful and I love how you capture your kiddos living (and loving) life. :)

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

LOVE these pictures! Your kids are so beautiful - and you do such a great job capturing who they are!