Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 12)

I was SUPER excited about today's assignment... capture their eyes... well, I just love eyes in general... I think if you really look at some one's eyes - it can tell you the truth ... no matter what their mouths are saying. When I worked at GCU - I used this a lot to get the students to really open up. In today's fast paced world, it's easy to say, "I'm fine..." leaves us less vulnerable and lets us get on our way... but that's not always what our heart needs.....
Here's Addie... she has the most spunky eyes... they glisten and shine... but, I have to say they are also my number one tool in knowing when her asthma is bad... they just lose their luster and she gets the dark rings under them...This girl's vibrant eyes really do match her personality!

And then there is Moo... he's got the deep rich eyes that have those rays of amber... It's just like my Moo... he's the deep thinker, the more sensitive one... He's got an intense personality and I would say those eyes are pretty intense... wouldn't you?

And Noah... or Pirate Noah to you! There is just something sweet about this kid's eyes even when he's trying to be mean... he's recently perfected the "I am MAD at you" look and I have to say EVERY time - I have to fight back giggles while telling him that those faces are disrespectful and NOT allowed!

And this is what you get when you tell your kids you are focusing on their eyes... you get fishy faces galore! They really got into this little assignment....

She told me before I shot this one, "What about my pink lips... take a picture of my pink lipstick lips."

I couldn't do a series of photos on eyes without showing this kid's ridiculous eyelashes... seriously, where did these lashes come from.... and WHY didn't I get them?

As you can tell, Matty was really into this one and I am SO glad... it's gunna be hard to choose some to frame after this project. BUT, I have a friend in CA who is making me some of the cutest vintage custom frames, I may have to order some more!

See what I mean... pure joy. You can tell a real smile from the fake ones with eyes like these!

By the end, Matty said, my eyes are tired of be pictured... and he put Addie's homemade necklaces on them... I think that's a WRAP!

Now, this picture is NOT from today's assignment... but it has to be one of my all time favorites of Addie to date - so I had to cheat and put it on here!

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laura said...

you and kristen HAD perfected that whole mom "look into my eye" thing back at canyon. quick and easy 'i'm fine' answers never got us any where. sigh. haha.

those kids have spectacular and GORGEOUS eyes, i'm a little jealous!