Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 13)

Day 13's assignment is to capture loved ones in their routine... and, these pictures - well, they are a real glimpse of what an Egglet morning is like... WARNING... the excitement may be tooooo much!
Let's see... some snuggle time with rat and some "bunny chocolate" milk!

This is soooo my kid. Can you see the "can you leave me alone for at least a half hour" look in those eyes... seriously, I am not good until I have had some coffee and quiet time!

Here's Moo... and yes, we ALWAYS have a car on the table... one is pretty mild... usually it's whatever car(s) they slept with the night before. And yes, while they do love their rats - they DO sleep with Hot Wheels!

After breakfast, before they get dressed (and then undressed) it's Matty's job to clean up the crumb - both under the table and around our gerbil's cage... EVERY morning we have to pick up his bedding AND the shavings he chewed OFF his cage... this is his FOURTH cage - and tomorrow we are moving him into a GLASS one because last night - he got the lid off his tower... this mama is SICK of chasing him when he escapes!

After breakfast Addie almost always does some kind of art... today she was cutting and pasting Valentines....

And a morning around here without a load of laundry.... well, that just never happens. Today was sheets/rat day... they love to watch their rodents swim! So, it's the 15th and I am on day 13... hmmmm... I promise the pics are all taken - I am just SLACKING! There will be 2 - maybe 3 posts tomorrow!

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