Thursday, October 22, 2009

Operation Big Kid Bed is in Full Swing.

It is day one of Big Kid beds for the twins.

We are 15 mins into the "new" arrangement and I have to say that it is going fairly well.
Yes, they are singing and not sleeping.
Yes, they seem to be exploring every nook of the walls surrounding their beds.
They have not gotten out once.

Currently they are singing the ABC's and every once in a while I call out from the hallways where I am armed with my video monitor, my computer and a DIET COKE...

When I call out - they drop to their bellies much like those in boot camp.... who knew I am a drill Sargent.

They are putting their stuffies and blankies on the floor and then picking them up and putting them on their beds... stuff that will get BORING sooner or later... and not worth the fight today.

I am goaling at 1 hour of them being held captive to their beds.... if they sleep - AWESOME... if they at least STAY in bed today I will call that a success...

In the mean time - Noah Boy who has NOT slept during nap time at all this week - is SOUND asleep... through the banging on the walls, the singing, and the mom hollering in the hallway...



40 mins in... a couple of SERIOUS talks and action later - Moo is STILL awake... He keeps getting out and when I go in - I get the BIG tears and a "yes ma'am"...

He is currently laying on bed saying, "Oh no, I stuck on bed" ....

At least this is semi - entertaining! LOL

********** UPDATE 2 ************

50 mins in - it got REALLY quiet... the monitor was hard to see so I peeked in... and this is what I saw!!!!! Whoo Hoooooo!!!!

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