Friday, October 23, 2009

Seven Minutes....

Not to be confused with the movie Seven Pounds...
Which by the way was good, but slow.
And a little depressing.

Which is NOT the mood around here AT ALL.

Try elated, surprised, delighted, joyful, ecstatic, and the list could go on...


Last night - Matty Moo and Addie RAN to their room and jumped in bed and went to sleep within about 20 mins.... they didn't get out of bed once and it was actually cute to listen to them sing and talk back and forth.

I could hear this over the monitor:

A: "Moo Moo"
M:"Sissy, what doin?"
A:"Shhhhh sissy sweeping (sleeping)"
M:"Sissy swing (sing)"
A: "Otay"
They then proceeded to sing the ABC's song masterly mixed with Skitter-ma- rinky-dink-e-dink AND Ole' MacDonald's farm.... The very first Egglet Remix....

So - what does this have to do with seven minutes?

Look for yourself:

Seven minutes into nap today - I snuck in to see this!
Precious, SLEEPING little toddies!
And yes, like Noah, they also INSIST on sleeping with rats!

Day one and two have gone SURPRISINGLY well....
And I am NOW a FIRM, FIRM believer in the power of prayer!

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