Monday, August 31, 2009

Cute and Fun Shirts...

I am a BIG fan of JJ Heller's music and recently discovered that she has a blog that is all about her life and the FUN projects that she does.... She posted some things she has made recently for her adorable baby girl that I just HAD to try... so I followed her advice and went over to this blog to get some much need instruction AND some more ideas!

I have a friend who is going to take some pics with me this weekend in Sedona of the twins.... I want some pics of them TOGETHER as kind of like their 2 year birthday pics... but didn't want to take them to get the normal posed pics... who am I kidding... there is NO posing them anyways.... we will be doing family portaits with Kathy Cole in November - so this is like a dry run..

That is where the two sites I listed above merged into my quest for cute shirts that were similar but not too matchy matchy.... and I came up with the idea of a shirt that had a giant "2" on them.... So, I read through all the instructions and set out for JoAnn's Fabrics (and yes Chris that "fabrics" part was just for you~!)

Now, those of you who know me - know that I would never just stop at one idea... I have to go for the gusto... so I went looking for some red materials to make the tutu petticoat that Addie will be sporting in the pictures. And, then I wanted to find some Fall looking material for our TX trip to the Pumpkin patch in October.... Above you will see some of the fabrics I fell in love with.

After following the instructions... Here is the shirt I made for Addie... I LOVE it... so fun, so easy! And, to make the whole thing better - I found the shirts on clearance at Target... seriously paid less than $3 a shirt!

I couldn't let Noah be left out - so the boys have matching materials... you know this will be the only time the shirts will be in a picture together right?

Here's a peek at the shirt I made for Addie for the Patch~! Now, I know it will be cool in TX - so I am going to layer it over a long sleeve brown shirt! I LOVE this one too!

And, the others.... good thing we didn't have a fourth kid named Emily or something! I am making some more for the cousins in TX... the hard part now is deciding on the fabric! I love that polka dot pattern... AND... of course - I need to add a butterfly to the back side of Addie's shirt - prob on the lower right corner... just some flair!

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Danielle said...

Hi there! I saw your comment on JJ's blog, and I wanted to respond :) I make this type of appliqued shirts & sell them on Etsy. Generally I just iron the appliques on and then sew them, and I have never had to do any fray check or apply fray stop to the fabric. They will fray slightly after several washes, but it always stops at the thread. Makes it look cuter too! Just wanted to pass that on to you!

Kate said...

Love these! You are so crafty :)Can't wait to see the Sedona pics, those will be great! Ally is taking them?

K-Mama said...

I am WAAAAY impressed, Lees.

Jillian "Bubbles" Suarez said...

These are way too cute Lisa! Now your giving me ideas for Huntingtons 1 yr Bday!!!


I love the shirts Lisa! You need to teach me! Love your blog!