Friday, September 11, 2009

While we were in Sedona this past weekend... we attempted to get some photos of the twins. I knew they wouldn't sit still for those "2" year pics that you wish you had... so we went for the action shots. I will post more later.... but action is JUST WHAT WE GOT! We took them to Tlaquepaque - which is this beautiful area in Sedona....

Sounds familiar?

Yep! Same place that was covered in mud and water in a flash flood Wednesday!

Anyways - thought I would give you a sneak peak! The photo itself was taken by Ally and the texture and fun edits are something that I am learning more and more of each day! SO FUN!

All I can say is that the ONE and ONLY Kathy Cole is going to have her Sunday afternoon in November cut out for her! Think a photographer ever suddenly retires from certain families?

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