Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Noah Boy...

I was uploading these pics from out little outside adventure on the swings today and thought to myself...

When did my toddler become this beautiful little boy?

It is so exciting to see him growing up before my eyes.
A little more independent each day.
A little more feisty, compassionate, loving, sharing, talking, learning...
A little more of everything each and every day.

But there is one thing that will never change.
He will always be MINE!

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Theresa said...

He so beautiful!

Susan Meissner said...

Hi, Lees:
Just had to tell you that I stumbled across your blog today when I was writing small group discussion questions and did a Google search on "Speak the truth in love." Your post on that verse from Ephesians popped up and as I read it (very nice) and looked at your beautiful blog, your playlist engaged and I spent the next 40 mintues listening to awesome music (Sweetly Broken is one of my faves - wonder where I put that CD??)I left your site up, after I was long onto writing another discussion question and let all the music play through twice. Just wanted you to know your words, your beautiful blog (cute family!!) and your playlist brightened my otherwise routine afternoon. So. Thanks!