Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Little Mishap...

Do you ever find yourself in quite the situation because you didn't give your kids enough credit?

Well, Wade and I found our self in QUITE a position today because we did not give Noah enough credit.

Lazy Sunday... Wade didn't have church this am - so we decided to walk up to the bagel shop and have an awesome Sunday breakfast in the BEAUTIFUL weather...

As I was loading Addie in the stroller - Wade walked out with Matt. I was almost done hooking him in when I saw Wade standing in the garage with a STRANGE look on his face. Calmly he said - "Well, Noah locked us out."

"What?" (me...)

"He's locked us out."

"What are we going to do? Where are your keys? Did you lock the back door when you let Daisy out? You NEVER lock that door - it's not locked right?" All said a little loud and very fast.

"I am sure I locked it. And the keys are in the house."

He tries to tell Noah to unlock the door. Doesn't work. So we didn't give him enough credit that he would lock the door on us - BUT - we are giving him credit for not being dumb enough to unlock it to people who sound pretty pissed off...

I run around to the back door. I can NOT believe that Wade remembered to lock that door... why would there be a first when we needed it to be the other way for once?

It is locked. Deadbolt locked.

OK, think. Stay calm. Sound chipper and fun. Smile.





"Mom. I locked the door."

"I know. Can you open it?" (In a disgustingly nice voice - dripping with sugar)

"No mom. It locked."

"Can you unlock it?" I can hear him messing with the knob that has the child lock on it... "No Noah - not the knob - can you reach the lock... It is SO high - can you stretch SO high?"

I can see him reaching and trying to unlock it but seems that the locking movement is easier than the unlocking for an almost 3 year old...

Finally - I hear a faint click - and I open the door....

He is jumping up and down -

"I did it! I did it MOM!"

Yes, yes you did and now you are busted...

So, we had the talk about NOT locking doors and how naughty it was. He was in tears and very sad that he was in trouble and was NOT allowed to bring any cars to breakfast...

Later today I asked him if we lock doors... he was quick to say, "NO!"

And then he looked at me and said, "But mom likes it to unlock!"

Yes Noah. Yes I do!

Thank goodness this happened when Wade was home and when the babies were NOT in the house with him... I can think of taking diapers to the trash, watering the trees, running to grab the ipod from the truck... all the little two second times that I run out - never suspecting that I could be locked out...

Never underestimate an almost 3 year.

AND, have a back up plan that does not include the closest spare key being 25 minutes away!

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Little House in the Desert said...

WOW! Yea for a almost a really scary moment turning out not so bad! Praise God!

Jenny said...

That was a memory story!!! You will NEVER forget that one--
Make sure you journal this story to talk about it at their 16th birthday!!!! Have a happy Easter!!!!

Jessa said...

Faith locked me out of the master bedroom once and sat there looking at me outside panicking - from the bedroom window! Same thing though - couldn't figure out how to unlock it for some reason! Why is that!? It was about 35-45 minutes, and a friend finally came over (Jon was at work of course) and was able to unlock it with that little stick thing! I think because I was in such a panic I couldn't get it to work. But in my defense, she was in there with a bag of peanuts (in the shell) and all I could see in my head was her choking to death and me watching from the window!!! And then of course, we had the same "don't lock doors" discussion and it never happened again!