Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday I found myself in SHOCK...

I spent about three hours on the phone checking out preschools!

Can you believe that it is time for my Noah Boy to start preschool?

Once again I find myself in new territory... here are a couple of things I learned yesterday.

1. NEVER think you are WAY ahead of the game plan when it comes to applying and registering for preschool. The first place I called - I mentioned that I was playing it safe by calling so "far in advance" for next August. There was a very awkward silence on the other end of the phone followed by, "Well, actually ma'am.... the application process is already in full swing and since it is a first come first serve - you are already two weeks late!"

2. Don't assume that two day a week preschool is standard. I had the attitude that since he will only be 3 in May that he would ONLY do two days a week. I was met with MANY reasons why he should do at least 3 days but they strongly suggest 5 days! I can tell you the number one reason they want my kid five days a week... he will be accompanied with a very GENEROUS check!

3. It is NOT nice to LAUGH when they tell you the price. I know this particular school is great but lets just put it into perspective... the cost of 5 day preschool is 1/2 of our mortgage EACH YEAR... I guess we can cross off "being the President of the United States" dreams for our kids... NO, wait - I am SURE President Obama didn't go to this preschool!

I already knew where I really wanted him to go - but felt like if I did not at least do some research - that I was making a decision with my heart and not my head (not the first time, I'm sure).

So, tonight - I am going to Open House at Northwest! I am excited and a little weirded out by this whole thing. I can not believe that my Noah will be off to preschool next year! I may feel differently once he starts - but I don't find myself sad - I am so excited about all that he is going to learn and about all the new experiences he will have.

Am I sad that he is growing up? NO.

I AM sad that it seems to go so fast.

I always try to remember what a very smart and wonderful woman told me one time about her kids... "It shouldn't be sad to see them grow up - that is the purpose of parenting. Be excited about all that they are doing and encourage them to try new things and travel to new places - just keep the communication open - AND - remember - where ever they land in life means another vacation spot for you! (Thanks Penny!)

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