Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 AM

It's 3 AM - Who are You?

Have I lost you already?

Stay with me. I am in a new Beth Moore Bible Study and as always it is amazing...

When I do these studies - they stretch me to think about the Bible like I have never thought before. The WORD becomes alive. It jumps off the page and seems to make sense and resonate in ways that it didn't before. God has truly blessed that woman with a gift of teaching AND delivery!

So, in this new study - she talks about being the same at 10AM as you are at 3AM.
Here's my own part... being the same at 10AM - in a clean house - there is no laundry - the kids are all playing AND sharing. You had a shower and look amazing... you know - that 10AM... compared to a 3AM where the baby is puking on you for the 6th time and this time it got your sheets AND your hair... that 3AM...

It got me thinking...

Am I the same when "no one" but the kids are around as I am when I am talking on the phone to a friend I haven't talked to in a while.

Are you tracking?

"Noah - please stop pulling your sister's hair, we are nice in the Egglet home." (On the Phone)
"NOAH! Stop pulling your sister's hair NOW. I mean it or you are going into time out... NOW, I said NOW." ( OK - this was just for example - I NEVER do this...)

I know that right now - I am NOT the same at 3AM as I am at 10AM - even on the worst day - I can bet that my 1oAM is always better than the 3AM. Don't feel like you need to verify with Wade - he would just bust up laughing that you even asked!

SO, why is this important? Carry it over into your spiritual life and relationships with people. Are you the same always - or do you have the "public" face and the "real" at home person. Now, to an extent - I am sure that we all morph a little in public (and might I add - that prob saves a lot of people from road rage).
But are you who you are at the core at all times?

She really got me thinking... are some things OK with certain friends or certain family members that I would or would not do in front of others? If I answer yes - sometimes they are different - I need to re-evaluate who I am at the core and make sure that I am consistent - AT ALL TIMES.

We hurt people when we are inconsistent or mold into something we think they want or need us to be. The truth is God made us how we are and we need to be just that. If we are true to him and stay true to character - life will be filled with a lot less drama and a lot more amazing relationships!

Like always - I am learning I am a work in progress!

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Little House in the Desert said...

SO true! Sounds like an amazing study. God is so good.
Reading it made me think about my husband--am I the same person to him when I get frustrated, upset, or as I would be to another person!? When someone at, let's say the grocery store, upsets me I smile politely and let it go, or if I need to respond I say it nicely...but if its my husband who has upset, frustrated, angered me--I'm pretty sure I don't react the same way. How come I treat someone I don't even know better than my best friend, the man God gave me to love and respect? And how much more amazing would our marriage be if I always responded "with a quiet and gentle spirit." I've been really convicted about that one lately! So true about having a consistent core--thanks for sharing!