Friday, January 23, 2009


OK - so after ELEVEN years...
My computer died.

I was so sad - I could have cried.
My father-in-law mentioned about 6 months ago that he was surprised that it was still going. Which made me start thinking that maybe I should back stuff up. So I got an external drive and pretty much did everything through it. SO, Thanks a TON Pops! It really didn't just stop - the A/C adapter broke so after trying three different cords... I had to give up and get a new computer. Man, HP lost their shorts on our last purchase!

Today - my husband took me out to get a new smart little laptop! It is the cutest thing ever - AND - it has a battery life.

SO - the updates will be coming fast and furious now - I can actually get my computer on and will be able to get my pics off my new camera that I got for Christmas! I am so excited I can not wait!

But for now - I need to get back to feeding the Egglets... there looks to be more food on the floor than could possibly be in their bellys!

(Who needs a sweeper when you have dog?)

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Suzanne said...

Congrats on the new computer! You have a dog named Daisy? So did we!