Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Still Really?

This Christmas look should have been gone WEEKS ago.

I know. I know.

It is even more pathetic knowing that I have a side deal re-creating blogs.

Do I have a good excuse? Well, I am not sure if it is a good one - but it is the only one I have. The days around the Egglet house have just gotten, well, how do I say this, more interesting?

I wanted to wait until the twins were 18 months to grant them their freedom, but Addie Mae had ideas of her own. She decided if I didn't let her out, she would just bust out. Shoes or no shoes, upset or just looking for a little fun - this monkey will just NOT stay in the octagon anymore. I wanted to just let one out at a time - it is so much easier and since Addie is more stable on her feet (she has been walked assisted and unassisted since 9 months old) and since she will just climb out unless you get her out - I wanted to start with her.

Then SOMEONE - who shall remained unnamed (MOM) let Matty Moo out to visit with his Great Aunt and Uncle and now he won't have anything to do with extended stays in the Octagon.

Now, it is STILL up and will remain up until I can trust them alone long enough to take Noah to the bathroom OR long enough for me to run to the bathroom myself! Addie may be 13 before that level of trust has been reached - but it is her reputation - not mine...

Speaking of freedom... Noah was 18 months old when he "graduated" from the Octagon... he actually moved into a big boy bed at 17 months old and we figured if he would stay in his bed - he was probably more trustable around the house... Looks like I have about 2 more months until we THINK about moving the twins to "Big Kid" beds and ONLY 9 more months until I attempt potty training for the second and third time...

Noah has us spoiled. He is an easy kid. He has his moments - what kid doesn't... but I think we are in for a MUCH different experience the second and third time around...

There are days where 2000 college students seem SO MUCH EASIER...

Just Watch!

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