Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Christmas Tradition...

Now more than ever, I really feel blessed. I have a WONDERFUL husband (even though that message probably doesn't get to him as often as it should), I have 3 very unique and amazing kids. I have the world's best dog (only after hearing stories about my sister-in-law's dog has Daisy been moved up to world's best dog). We have a great house that is perfect for us. My husband has a great job and is so blessed to work with family. I am able to stay home with our kids... although I really have a WHOLE new appreciation for mom's who work for more than one reason.

And, this got me thinking... Our kids have SO much and they are about to get SO much more... Christmas is fun and special for us because of the circumstances we have AND because we have so much family. So, I have decided that a new Christmas tradition for me is to go through EVERY toy bin, EVERY closet, and every cupboard BEFORE Christmas. My goal is to simplify and get rid of the things that I just hold onto because society says "More is better." The Bible is VERY clear that we can not take the things of this world into eternity. So, why is it that I place such value on stuff?

I have completed my closest. The kid closets. The hall closet. The chest. The kitchen. But, yesterday I went into what I affectionately called "Toy Hell" for about 3 hours. Just before the kids went to nap, I took every toy, every stuffy, every book - EVERYTHING, and put it in the middle of the floor in the family room. I put the kids down for their naps and prayed for at least two hours (I got THREE!)of uninterrupted sort time. I made a pot of coffee and got out the peppermint mocha creamer. I put on 'The Holiday" movie and got to sorting. I sorted & sorted & sorted. Broken toys were tossed. Toys the twins have outgrown were put in the Goodwill pile.

I got a little wistful at the things that are so sweet but no longer hold their attention. And, instead of holding onto the items - I remembered that I have the photos and the stories in albums and don't need to actually keep the toys.

Two hours later, it was done. I had completed the task and have plenty "empty" bins to fill in the future. I am taking the items to Goodwill tonight on the way to see the Christmas light display at Community Church of Joy. In these hard financial times, it makes me smile to think that someone who is pinning to get their kids some great toys but have little money - will be able to find and purchase the treasures that my kids once adored. And it warmed my heart.

Sometimes it is hard to give things away - memories, guilt - whatever the reason. But this season I have realized that it is SO rewarding to be able to be blessed enough to give away!
This entire basket is FULL of toys that other children are going to love and cherish as much as ours did!

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ocm said...

Hooray! The wondrous feeling of getting rid of 'things' and passing them on to others who will truly enjoy them!

Around here it is quite common to hear someone say 'It's not mine anyway.'. (well, it's common amongst churchies--I do live in the PacNW which is ALL about more stuff)

The truth behind it is that everything we have is from the Lord--it belongs to him.

I love to do my bi-annual cleaning to find more 'things' that have gone unused or are now unwanted. I agree that at times it is quite difficult for whatever reason. For me, the feeling once I'm finished and things are toted off to find a better home is peace.

Hope this only adds to your feelings of Christmas joy and peace!

: )