Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybe I am Missing the Point.

There are FEW things that really get me flustered about having twins but here are a few of the daily "things" that get me right now.

BATH TIME: How in the world are you supposed to bathe three kids under the age of 3 in the tub and remain sane? (To all the smart Alec's out there - YES - I am well aware that it was a CHOICE to have this many kids this close - but maybe we didn't consider all aspects first!)

MEALS: Again - how in the world are you supposed to feed two starving babies ( one who is QUITE vocal about not getting his food in his mouth in a timely manner) and supervise the nutritional content of the two year old's plate... without getting food all over the floor, under Addie's bum (and therefore staining her clothes - do they make bibs for butts?) and all over the table?

And then it hit me... not just that I am SO blessed to have these kids - but that God is SO amazing in His plan. Two seats won't fit in the tub at the same time and still allow Noah to get in. And, if Noah isn't in - there is NO bath time - he is the KING of baths. It is not uncommon for him to have a shower in the morning and a bath a night... he is SO Wade.

But, as I was bathing the three tonight - it hit me. Addie WILL NOT sit in the tub for longer than minutes - she wants to get in and get out - she doesn't scream or get upset - she is just over it and out of there. (Seat number two would have been a waste of money) She stands up and almost climbs out herself. The miracle is in how God made her - she is busy, busy, busy - but will still as still as can be if Diego or Veggie Tales are on TV. So I put her in the holding tank and she is as happy as can be. Moo Moo on the other hand - could stay in the tub until his skin shrivels up! He loves to stay in and play which is perfect because I need him to stay in his tub seat as I dry and dress Addie on the bathroom floor (inches from Moo).

Then at dinner tonight - I was disgusted at Addie and her eating manners. She now will not have anything to do with a spoon or anything on it. She wants to put the food in her mouth - BY HER SELF! It is just gross. The kids had Mac-n-Cheese tonight (Noah's request). Matt can't get the food in his mouth fast enough and is just like Noah in the sense that he WILL NOT get his hands dirty... so I have to spoon feed him. Normally, Addie shoving fist fulls of mac-n-cheese in her mouth with her hands sends me over the edge. I just think it is SO gross... but then I realized - I really can't feed them both with out someone constantly crying in between bites... and that is NOT a peaceful dinning experience.

Isn't God awesome. He knew how many kids I could handle (Suz - you must be amazing) and he knew just which personalities I needed...

I wonder how wrapped up I am in complaining about other stuff that I am missing the perfect design of it all...

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