Monday, August 18, 2008

A Walk In the Park

The theme for day two of our potty training could be labeled:

Now, before you get all mad and jealous - read the ENTIRE blog... a walk in the park has more than one meaning... and I am sure that you jumped to the conclusion that it was a piece of cake today...

Well, it was not bad. But today overall reminded me of a walk in the park.

Every park has a fire hydrant. They are good right? Meant to put out fires and cool down children on hot days... but when they break - WATER EVERYWHERE right? Well, no accidents today AT ALL. Not even a drip of pee in the under ware. I consider that GREAT success BUT I would really like to get the over spray under control. Seems that my Noah thinks it is fascinating that he is controlling this peeing thing and his awe causes him to miss the pot AND the guard. (And yes, he is sitting.) I need to get this little fire hydrant under control!

Some great parks have fun games and rides. (OK thinking of the great parks lining the beaches in California...I am sure there are some on the east coast too but I have never been there.) Every great park has some sort of game where you throw something, shoot something or aim something at a target...

Are you getting where I am going?

Today I was thinking that toilet painting might be my next big career...

What little boy wouldn't love taking aim at something like the above picture painted on the inside of a toilet... OK ... I really could be on to something here... (Jessa maybe you should join in on this one - you would be the talent behind the venture).

I can see it now.

Wade and I are at some high society black tie dinner (since we are invited and go to these kinds of things all the time). Bill Gates walks up to make conversation (and yes, his hair is as bad in my "daydream" as it is on TV) and asks what we do. He has a stimulating conversation with Wade about Bonds Alarm Company and then turns to me.

Me: "I am the CEO of Aim Straight".

Gates: "I am intrigued... is this a non-profit organization targeting the welfare of our youth? The next generation who will save the world? What a noble cause."

Me: "Not exactly. It is an artistic endeavor in which we work with parents. We creatively help them with their parenting."

Gates: "Tell me more. I have kids and parenting is tough. Any useful source of help on the subject is a gold mine. I could see myself funding this."

Me: (Excited - who wouldn't want to be backed by Bill Gates?) We paint custom targets and bulleyes in the bowl of toilets. It has turned out to be an amazing tool in the aiding of toilet training. Success rates with over spray and toilet training have skyrocketed since we started this company. Clorox is not very impressed, the sales of bleach has dramatically dropped but they are working with me on a new product that cleans, protects and enhances the design. OSHA caught wind of it and is thinking about making it mandatory in all homes with kids under the age of three... it dramatically cuts down on the spillage of body fluids."

Gates: (Dumbfounded look on his face and the hair doesn't help) "Great. Um. Sorry, but I see the owner/CEO of Google... "

OK. So maybe not the best idea in the world but if anyone steals it I have proof that is date and time stamped right here showing it was my idea!

Anyways... day two a complete SUCCESS in my book! No poopy today - think we are on strike... no complaints from me - I didn't feel like scraping it off cute under ware anyways! I do feel like I spent yet another day in the "outhouse"! (If you missed day one and care - check it out below)

***update*** well, the poopy strike is over and it didn't end pretty... so day three we will work on getting the over spray AND the poop in the bowl!

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