Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Raising a Camel...

Potty Training Final Update....
(Days One and Two are the two previous posts)
Because there is more to my life than potty training AND because I am sure that all this bathroom talk is getting old - this will be the final update on Potty Training at the EggeBrecht home...

I have decided that I have raised a camel...

Let me explain.

Day three: NO ACCIDENTS... Not at nap time, not a drip or drop all day!

Day four: The true test.

Mom and I had a day out with the kids at IKEA. If you haven't been there - well, go. IKEA is a post in and of itself. SO, 10am we load up - after the FINAL potty trip. I, being the wimp that I am, put a diaper on him because I am not an iron woman and the thought of pee running down the legs, over the cart cover and onto the floor in public mortifies me. So, as I place the diaper on his butt I say to him, "Don't pee pee in your pants."

Noah looks at me with his eyebrows furrowed, "Ewwwwwwww ick. No pee pee pants."

It's working. I've gotten to him.

We get to IKEA and I have to pee. (Who's potty training here?) SO, I take this opportunity to let Noah try. Yah right - he doesn't have to go. Well, let me rephrase that - he is REFUSING to go. Camel parallel #1. Camels are stubborn. At this moment Noah was more stubborn than his mom - so he "won". (This doesn't happen often as he comes by his stubbornness honestly).

At the end of a VERY long IKEA trip, I realize that I am the world's WORST potty trainer. I forgot to ask Noah if he needed to go. Oh well, start again tomorrow. We load up our treasures and head to In & Out for a healthy lunch. We pull into our driveway and unload the kids and the food (the packages can wait for the fries). We change baby diapers (Matt & Addie) and get Noah washed up and in his seat.

We eat. We laugh at Addie and all her silly faces and sounds. Mom (Nana) holds Moo Moo and we have a great time just eating our In & Out and hanging out.

2pm: Time for nap... dun, dun, dunnnnnn..... I get Noah down to change his pee soaked diaper...


Wait a minute.

It is dry! It has been F.O.U.R hours since he was successful at home and he is DRY!

I say to him - "Noah - you are clean and dry. Do you need to go pee pee?"

In a voice that is usually reserved for teenagers - you know the one where they answer you like you just asked the dumbest question on the earth... Noah said, "Yah. Hurry mom."

Here is the funny part...
I grad him and start running with him to the potty. But, I forgot that his pants were 1/2 off 1/2 on since I was changing a diaper... so Noah is like trying to run the potato sack race with his pants around his ankles... he and I are laughing hard at how dumb I can be...

I grab Noah, scoop him off the floor and with my best football hold - RACE to the bathroom.

He pees, and pees, and pees, and pees (Camel reference #2 - they drink lots and hold lots in... but it has to come out sometime).

AND, that is when I realize that I FORGOT to put the bowl back in the base of the little potty after rinsing it with bleach after the last pee pee...

Some days you just have to laugh!

SO, what have I learned after 4 days of potty training?
1. My son seems to have gotten it even though I haven't.
2. When potty training - you need to ask your kids if they need to go more often than once every four hours...
3. Poop happens... It happens in pants, in diapers but not in the potty at our house.
4. You go through a ridiculous amount of stickers when potty training and only about 1/3 of them land on the sticker chart... I think I will be finding stickers in the most random places for years... thank goodness for Goo Be Gone!
5. Twinkies aren't strong enough. It's too hot for Ben & Jerry's... I may need to shop somewhere that DOES sell Jack Daniels.

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