Friday, July 11, 2008


Do you see it? Look really close - this is HUGE! Yes, you've guessed it - this bow crazed mama FINALLY has some hair to make a whale spout!

And a close up of the whale spout itself! So cute... Wade is going to be thrilled (please go back and read that dripping full of sarcasm if you didn't already pick up on that!)

Here are two of my favorite girls! Bri came over and stayed with me one night while Wade was in Pine Top for his dad's birthday and to help with a Bonds Alarm office move. After we put the kids to bed, we ate ice cream (with sprinkles), talked about the boy who is JUST a friend (same story different generation) and watched a cute movie... I know Bri is 13 but I was a little shocked as some of the things she laughed at in the romantic comedy... yikes... Looks like Addie and "B' have the same eyes - I can only hope that she would have curly hair! Someday I am sure Addie will put the pink and black stripes in her hair too! (Some things never change - I would LOVE it if she did crazy things with color with her hair... like mother like daughter!)

Feeding time in the octagon! Notice the bottles....

About 5 minutes later - post feeding... Addie has Matt's bottle and Matt has Addie's paci... hmmmm...

I promise Noah is around - he is camera smart now... funny story of the week about Noah...there are so many but here are two cute ones from this week...

On Monday Noah woke up and came in our room... Bri was in our bed as Wade was out of town. Noah asked, "Where dad?" I thought this was going to be a scene so just made it simple and said, "Dad's at work." Noah looked at me like I had just grown a third arm and said, "No, Dad is at golf..." Wade only WISHED he golfed for a living!

On Wednesday I was dropping the kids off at Nana and Papa's while we got our carpets cleaned... Matt started crying on the way and I asked Noah if he was touching Matt. (Often he likes to hold their hands now even if they don't want to - he holds on for dear life making them cry.) He said, "No mom. I got it." I looked back and all seemed OK. About a minute later Matt stopped crying - so crisis averted. When we got to my mom's - I got Addie and Noah out and then went around to get Matt and the "I got it" became crystal clear... Moo Moo had the pink paci that matched Sissy's outfit... the "I got it" was code for "I will shut him up - even if I have to steal a paci from sissy to make it happen!" Too cute.

Have a great weekend!

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Jessa said...

You make it all seem so easy! Three kids and you are still smiling as you write!

Heather and Reese said...

My mom says she used to tape bows into my hair because I had so little of it! She was very happy when I finally sprouted a few locks.

God bless you!