Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July - Best Of's....

Our 4th of July celebrations started early in the week! We met up with "zaiah" and his mommy at the mall and played on their indoor playground... "Zaiah" helped me out of the boat. He is older than me and can jump off the high stuff really good!

Addie got into the "eating" mood this weekend with the rest of us. It is hard not to join in having yummy treats and snacks! She is so messy that mom doesn't even bother with bibs half the time - she just takes their clothes off. Makes less laundry for me to help with!

Moo and I had matching hats and shirts for the 4th... Moo looks so cute in his hat but he HATES to wear them! He kept pulling it down over his eyes all day.

There is a story that goes with this pic. On Saturday mom made a batch of cookies like she always does. There was a fresh batch cooling on the rack but Addie woke up. So mom dashed upstairs to get Addie. When she came back down I was sitting at the big person table. Mom asked me what I was doing and I said, "I GOT IT!". Mom asked me what I got and that is when she saw the cookie I was eating. She said, "Noah - where did you get that cookie?" "I weeched it mom!" I told her... she laughed and laughed and told me from now on I needed to ask before I "weeched" things... Ha! I am NOT dumb - if I had asked for a cookie right before lunch - I know I would NOT have liked the answer.

Here's Moo with Auntie Chris and Uncle Jake. We had a ton of fun with them on the 4th. Dad was the domino champ this time but I think Uncle Jake wants a rematch...

We have so many cute pics from this weekend! But, this one is the best ever... Dad climbed in the octagon with Moo Moo and Addie joined him a little while later... could this be any cuter? I am bummed that I missed the whole thing- I was napping.

Today is Papa EggeBrecht's birthday... they are up in Pine Top but we can't wait to have some cake and celebrate with him!

~Love always -

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