Thursday, July 3, 2008

That Rat!

OK - most of you know that Noah has the most disgusting rat toy that he just LOVES. (Thanks Auntie Wendy). It is only gross because it is always in one "hole" or another - seriously - the mouth, nose, ear and sometimes even between the toes (OK not a hole but still just as gross). Well, today I was trying to get pics of the kids in their whale shirts (thanks Nana) - yes they ALL have whale shirts and I wanted so desperately to get a picture of all of them in them. Well, it did NOT work at all. I forgot that once they get mobile - the photo shoots are few and far between. Thank goodness Moo Moo is SO laid back. He will probably have the most photos in the family from age 1 - 4! Ha... Anyways - as I was uploading these this afternoon - I notice (GASP) much to my horror that Addie has picked up some of her Big Brother's gross habits. The best part of this pic is the look of sheer horror on Moo Moo's face... maybe one of my kids won't have a thing with putting a rat's tail in their mouth!

Check out the look on Addie's face... that tail CAN NOT taste good. I can not even think about where it was before it went into her mouth... excuse me for a second while I hurl!

Could Noah be any more enthused about taking this picture?

This was as close as I got to a "good" shot of A&M (yes, all you Texas people we do refer to them as A&M! Chris eat your heart out!) Moo Moo is SUCH a great SPORT. Addie is always using him as her personal jungle gym...When he gets tired of it - he cries out and then flips her off. If/when he figures out that he has 5 pounds on her - she is going to be in for a BIG surprise!

Hope you have a great 4th of July. Be safe and try to stop for a little while to remember all those men and women who are fighting for us so that we can have the freedom to have BBQ's and a life like we do! After the reaction to the fireworks at the Circus - we have decided to have a BBQ here. Auntie Chris and Uncle Jake are coming over for food, dessert (whoo hoo), & games. We are having a MUCH needed rematch with the Domino Train... Jake THINKS he is the "game god" & that can never lose... bring it on wussy.

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