Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Circus & Other Fun Stuff - by Noah

The week started off pretty normal. Hanging at home, playing with A&M... Addie putting every toy we own in her mouth - you know the normal stuff... but then things started getting exciting!

Do you notice anything different about this picture? Besides the fact that Addie DOESN'T have a bow on her head? Yup! That's right - Moo Moo is sitting up. Just out of the blue one night - mom put him in his cage on his belly and when she came back in five minutes later - he was just sitting up in the middle like he had done it all his life! Mom moaned today because when she went to get him out of the cage - she put his arms out toward him and he grabbed the sides and just stood right up... Mom said from this day on - life will never be boring. I really didn't think it was before.

Then another crazy thing happened. Pete (our outside lizard) decided to come inside! He ran right in the house when we were coming inside from playing. He is one smart lizard! He knows it is way cooler inside. Mom screamed (which I thought was funny)! She loves lizards and snakes but this one is HUGE and she was not sure if he would bite her. She guided him outside with a pillow and he hasn't come back since. We still feed him but mom moved the "plate" farther away from the door.

On Friday, Mom and Dad surprised me with a day alone with them at the Circus! Oh my gosh - they have live elephants, clowns and these really cool flash light things! The pre-show was so cool - one of the elephants painted a picture!

This is me giving my best cheese to the camera.

Here is part of the grand finale...well, so I am told. I decided that I did not like the Circus about 3 minutes into it. I don't like the loud noises, the music was dumb, and the firecrackers - well, don't they know that we are in the middle of fire season? Third row, center stage was not OK with me... so mom, dad and I blew the Circus and went to the mall instead!

I am 100% sure that this was my all time favorite clown though! She brought me a puzzle, a sucker, gummy circus candy and animal crackers!

After the mall we met up with Auntie Ally, Uncle Matt, Maddie Moo, Abby, Colton, Wyatt & Dawson for lunch! They let me try on their clown hat and I am pretty sure now that I could handle the circus!

Friday night at our house you could see the smoke from a really big fire here in the valley. It was only 15 miles away from us and it was really stinky! Even though it is a bad thing - it was a really pretty sight!
Here's more of Matty Moo showing off his sitting skills... He has this thing down!

Missy Mae and those blue, blue eyes again. Penny and Julian also came over this week and hung out for a while. Julian and I chilled to a couple of movies while our moms talked, and talked, and talked... They brought me a deluxe Mr. Potato Head set that is so cool....

Yesterday Mom and I made a HUGE batch of cookies for Mr. Joe at Bonds Alarm. He's been there 10 years and I am so glad he has! I got to taste the chocolate chips and mom even let me keep a few of his cookies! I made him a picture. Mr. Joe is really cool. In May he helped bring over my new swing set in his truck! Well, I've got to get to bed. I am meeting Issiah tomorrow at the mall to play on their playground stuff. We go really early when the mall isn't even open and practically have the whole place to ourselves! Issiah is so cool - he is older than me and can jump off of things really good. I am trying some of these stunts too but am a little afraid of heights...

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