Monday, July 21, 2008

Pools, Playing & Painting... What a Week!

Man - the pool sure can tire a boy out! I was so exhausted after going to the pool last Saturday - I just laid nudie butt on the couch! I could have laid here like this all day but mom and dad made me get dressed... sheesh - can't a guy lay around in the bare in his own house without getting exploited?

"Dear Lord, please make my brother put some clothes on... he is SOOOO embarrassing. And, could you make this bruise go away? It distracts from my bows! ~ Love Addie" Sissy has gotten really tight with God and likes to pray now! We are the ones who need more prayer with her - she is into everything! For everyone who doesn't believe us... here is proof that that Addie is a CLIMBER! It drives mom crazy all day. Her friend Suz in TX has quads (thank you God that you only sent me two!) and they have a different yard thing that they can't climb... looks like mom and dad need to make a NEW investment!
Moo Moo has finally learned that he can bully Addie - so when she gets all in his business - he just pins her down like this. Sissy gets REALLY mad and cries HUGE tears... Paybacks!
Looks like Moo Moo has caught on to more than just defending himself! Moo can now pull himself up and tries to take a couple of steps.... hmmm.... not sure I like all this action.
Smiley Missy Mae! She and Moo Moo have matching bruises. Hers is from trying to climb out of her crib... she didn't think it was bedtime.
Moo Moo's bruise is from knocking into his crib while on all fours. Matty likes to get on his knees and rock back and forth... And he likes to do this "KISS" thing with his tongue... I don't know about this "KISS" band... it must be from the old days.

On Friday we had Nana and Bri over in the morning while mom went to the eye doctor and then Gram and Papa came over for dinner! It was a fun day! Mom always forgets to take out the camera when we are with Nana and Papa - so I will make sure she gets some pics of them on here next week!
Here's Gram, sissy and I! We had a ton of fun! I played and played with my new green machine, we ate pizza and had cookies for dinner - nothing beats pizza and cookies! Addie wasn't being very cooperative here... where's the smile sis?
Here's Papa Egg and Matty Moo... He was ALL smiles... Papa says that Matty looks just like I did! Guess that means he will be one cute dude!
On Saturday - mom, dad and I painted our family room and kitchen! The babies hung out and watched and were really good! Mom and Dad set a new record - they painted both rooms and got everything back up and together in 6 hours! It was fun - I got to paint one wall and make an "A" and the number "2". Mom said ONLY when she says can we draw on the walls.... good thing they have extra paint around!
Here's the new look in the kitchen! Mom says it makes her want to bake and cook even more! Whoo Hoo - more cookies for us Dad!

Well, this week we have a couple of outings to Nana and Papa's, Nickel is coming over to visit from TX AND mom's really good friends and their kids are coming to play - all girls who are older - am I lucky or WHAT? On the 31st my cousins are coming into town - BUT don't tell them... or they will ask their mom a million-zillion times when they are coming!


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Kate & Matt Heihn said...

I love these pictures...your twins are getting so so big! What a handful :)

Kristen said...

I love the paint! It did turn out really great! Good job...I need my living room painted. You and Wade up to it?! :) LOVE You friend!!!