Thursday, July 24, 2008


I tackled something new today. I took all three kids to dinner by myself. There are probably two questions you are asking yourself. Why? and Why? Well, Wade has church practice tonight and we were on the way home from my mom and dad's - it was about dinner time and the thought of coming home, unloading, making dinner, cleaning up and getting babies to bed seemed daunting. Getting 3 kids out of the car in 110 degree heat, loading and unloading a stroller and "fighting" with them in a restaurant seemed so much better.
Much to my surprise, the event was uneventful! Noah and I shared a large slice of pizza and a drink. The babies hung in their stroller and that was it. Seriously - it was probably the most uneventful dinner I have ever had since Matt and Addie were born!
On the way out, two women complimented me on our kids and their behavior. I laughed and made the comment that it was my lucky day. The "older" of the two looked at me and said, "That has nothing to do with luck. I raised 10 kids of my own and know that when there are kids that well behaved, they have good parents." She then chuckled and said, "Plus that prayer you said before you ate with your two year old must have been heard!"
I made small talk, thanked them and then proceeded to load the kids and stroller in the car. The whole way home I could feel a HUGE smile on my face. There is nothing better than for someone to compliment your kids on character. It is nice when they comment on how cute they are BUT it doesn't compare to someone complimenting them on their behavior.
So, as A & M are wrestling and fighting in the octagon as I write this - back to their normal behavior - I can't help but feel a little swell of pride towards my kids!


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Cindy said...

THAT is HUGE!!! Not only do I know you and Wade are people of character, but of course raising children with character and disciple is important to you. As they say more is caught than taught--so your chidlren are learning 100% of the tie from you

God is good.

The eating out with 3 under 3 is amazing..brave.. and a huge milestone

Well done