Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Moms. . .

Last week we went to Sedona for the first ever family vacation since the twins... I was hesitant, nervous, scared - etc. Matt (Wade's friend) and Wade were going on a fund raiser Poker Run at Lake Havasu and Ally and I and our collective 8 kids were staying in Sedona at what Noah called the "Castle".

I LOVE Ally and knew that we would get along great - I was worried about the twins - how to handle blow ups, change of schedules, sleeping with 3 kids in one room... and anything else that can and does go wrong on a daily basis. Plus they have an amazing home and while they have 5 kids - I did not want mine to be the one to stain the couch for the first time! (You all know what I mean!)

Much to my surprise - it went wonderful! Ally and I got into a system by the end of the first day and we literally had each other's back with any of the 8 kids. Now, there were moments - but they were few and far between and all the kids were great!
What I have learned is that 2 moms are WAY better than one. When the dishwasher was done - it got emptied... when the laundry was done - it was folded. When one of the 2 2-year olds started to cry - there was someone to help or mediate. We went to ballgames, recitals and even snuck out with 5 of the 8 for dinner one night. (No, we did not leave the 3 home alone - the 2 - 2 year olds and the 3 year old stayed with the infamous and wonderful Miss Sara.) The best part was having someone to talk to in the middle of the day who completes sentences, can joke in an adult way (no knock, knock jokes) and someone who understands that you give and give all day and crave nothing more than a mere "thank you" from kids who don't get what you are really doing for them.

It could be that Ally is the most compassionate, organized and loving mom that I know - you could eat of her floors at any time of the day or night and not be grossed out by it. The woman is a vacuuming FREAK! I can not imagine a better place to be or better company to be with! And - if I ever had to live with another family for any amount of time - I can not think of anyone I would rather live with~ So thanks Ally for having us and for treating us like family and not like guests! And - you had better stop saying that you could have us up every weekend - because it might just come true!
Stay tuned for some AMAZING pics of our week in Sedona - they are so precious you won't even believe they are just everyday play!

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