Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, this was the end of the trip - but I wanted to post this pic first so that you would have a visual of the 8 kids between the two families! Ally & Matt may have a head start on us in years - but we have over half as many kids in way less time... this is where the competition STOPS between you boys - Ally & Matt - you win the kid contest! From left to right - Dawson holding Matty Moo, Maddie Moo, Noah - crying..., Abby with Colton in front of her - and the oldest - Wyatt holding Miss Priss.
This is Addie moving in! She had NO problems settling into Chateau De La Little Scout!

A brilliant smile from Colton himself! Colton is just the sweetest thing ever - he did a great job sharing all his cars and trucks with Noah!

AND this is Sampson - or "Sam Sung" as Noah called him. Noah was too cute with their new puppy. For a brief moment I thought about getting him a puppy for his second birthday - as I said - it was a BRIEF moment.

Auntie Ally had a ton of fun snapping shots at my Moo Moo in their yard! Matty was a ham and was giving her his best!
Just one of the amazing days in Sedona - hanging with the kids in the yard! And yes - this is the view from their yard! The stud in mid jump is Wyatt!
A trip to the park brought out the monkey in all the kids - this is Dawson on the top of a climbing thing....

Decisions, decisions... let's be thankful that the hat was where it was - Noah was as nude as they come behind the hats!

Abby holding Addie in the octagon. Talk about tongue twisters - we had Addie, Abby, Matty Moo and Maddie Moo...

Maddie showing her stuff at the park! Maddie and Uncle Wade share the same birthday - she is about 6 months older than Noah. Nothing was cuter than seeing the two of them running around... let's just say Wade and I will be ENCOURAGING Noah in her direction - we would love the in-laws!!!
Seriously - can you believe how cute this girl is? Abby made me laugh the entire trip - in the morning she would dress in her soccer or baseball uniform... all day she caught bugs and grossed me out ... and then she gets all dolled up for her hip hop recital....

Dawson and Wyatt are SO great with the twins. This is Dawson with his two biggest fans... Addie could not keep her eyes off him if he was in the room - she just adored him! Wyatt and Dawson would totally help keep them entertained while Ally and I were doing whatever...
It was just the best trip ever!

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