Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scratch That!

Well, I thought we had success and the minor set back is not from who I expected it to be from. I fully expected my little sensitive Matt to be the one who just could not handle nursery. Just when I think I have it all figured out - bam - something changes.
So, the second time they went to the gym - Noah again said goodbye and ran off without looking back. I got called to the nursery after about 50 minutes of bliss because Noah pooped and they don't change diapers.
Day 3 - 11 (yes that says eleven) minutes into my "me" time - I hear, "Lisa Eggenbrechen" - which I immediately know is me regardless of the way it was said - "Please return to the nursery." My heart pounds every time. I envision lots of blood a broken arm - something. Nope - just Noah crying so hard he is on the verge of throwing up. The girls told me he just melted down and kept telling them to go away. I explained to them that when he says that - he wants to go away - he is really not that rude! (Hee Hee)
Day 4 - I tried again. I figured someone took something from him and he would be great. 15 minutes into my "me" time - "Lisa EggeBrecker" - again - I knew this was me... "Please return to the nursery." I did not have an vivid images this time... I knew what I would be facing - a screaming Noah... I got there and he said - "No gym Mom"... looks like this may take a while.
I read some books on separation anxiety and looks like he is right on time for this kind of reaction and it even says that they can be fine for days, weeks, months and then WHAM....
So - working on the "me" time and the body SLOWLY... but I am not going to give up. As for Matt and Addie - they love it - every time I go to pick them up they are being held... I ask if they were ok and they always say - "Oh yah - they are just too cute to not hold!"

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Jessa said...

Hi Lisa! I started blogging now, thanks to you and Carrie! I just love the pictures of your little ones! I hope all is well for you guys in Arizona. Speaking of all the nursery woes, I just registered Faith for kindergarten! She starts August 13th! So early! Well, send our love to everyone! ~Jessa~