Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crying Over Pasta...

OK - so last night I cried over pasta. Seriously - I am not kidding and you really need to stop laughing. We went out to dinner with some fabulous friends from the Bay area. They just had the cutest baby - Levi - and we met for dinner.
Matty and Addie were not impressed with dinner and continued to fuss back and forth - which meant that I did not get to eat my dinner. I am not kidding - I had 2 shrimp and 1 bite of sausage out of this AMAZING dish. So, as the craziness began to wind up on both sides - we packed it up and went outside to talk. Of course all calmed down once outside...
I asked Wade to grab my food - I was SO excited to eat it at home. I had really, really watched what I ate all day so that I could splurge AND I was excited to have it today for lunch too.... Do you see where I am going? Well, Wade grabbed Addie in her seat and Noah's hand. I grabbed Matty, the Floppy seat (thanks Ally), the diaper bag and the Noah bribe bag (don't gasp - I am NOT above bribing my kid to behave). Neither of us grabbed the food. (Even though I asked Wade - reality is that his hands were VERY full.)
We talked with our friends outside for about 45 mins and then left. As we were leaving - I did not see the food and that is when we realized that we BOTH forgot it. I was ticked. I was really mad. Well, maybe it was just disappointment but being mad sounds more dramatic for this story.
We loaded the three - started the movie and left. Wade had come straight form work so we were in separate trucks... as soon as we were out of the parking lot I started crying... SO dumb, I KNOW! I felt bad when I got home - Wade asked what was wrong and I said nothing. He IS learning and just dropped it.
It wasn't about the pasta - it wasn't about him. I know ALL you moms out there get it. I KNOW that being a mom means it is NOT about you anymore. I am thankful for that job and responsibility but sometimes, just sometimes I want to EAT my pasta. Sometimes I want to have a moment or a shower without a two year old splashing me or 2 8 month olds screaming because they don't understand that I don't like to stink. Sometimes I want to talk on the phone or eat a meal that I slaved over while it is hot. Sometimes I want to be selfish and I want it to be about me.
I know all you moms get it - you are laughing because you have cried over your ____________ (enter whatever here).
And then I got home and got 3 snuggly tired kids out of the car, tucked them in and got those little warm breath kisses...and it doesn't matter anymore that I didn't get to eat my pasta. (Ok well it did matter a little bit but my Tall Non-Fat Peppermint White Mocha was helping me get over it - Thank God for drive thru Starbucks!)
How can something be so worth it even when it means that it will NEVER be about you again? I won't ever know the answer to that question but I do know that I would trade every great meal I would ever get for my little Egglets!

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Jessa said...

Oh my gosh! I will leave something in the fridge to save for later. It doesn't matter what it is, or why I am saving it - Jon has to have it! The agony of seeing it sit there just eats at him until he consumes my last ______ whatever! It really will never be about us again. :-)

I wanted to share with you something I read in Family Circle that helped motivate me. I keep repeating it to myself. 'It only takes three weeks to turn something into a habit. So if you have gotten through your first month of exercise, you're good to go!' (That wasn't a direct quote, but you get the gist!) So just keep telling yourself to make it to that 4th week with me!