Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Under Attack

Ok - I don't want to be weird or make anyone think that I am allowing satan to have power over my life but I did want to post something that I seem to experience to see if anyone else feels the same way. I started a Bible Study four weeks ago. Now, it has been an amazing study that is really having a great impact on my life.

BUT, ever since I started the study - my days have fallen apart. The schedule is not the same. I have WAY more phone calls than I ever did and there always seems to be something that I just can't miss on TV. Why is it that every time I make a commitment to really dive into the word, there seems to be new issues that crop up to "steal" away the time I thought I had to devote to it? I feel like I have to FIGHT for the hour I need everyday to study. I have to push through the study with a screaming kid in my lap, spit up on my Bible and the TV blaring a Veggie Tale video because someone did not nap as long as I thought. Or worse yet, I think "I'll get to my study once the __________ is clean." This one is the real clincher! Like the kitchen can't wait for God.....

SO, does satan really want me this bad? Of course he does. But, what he failed to recognize is that Christ wants me so much more. As soon as I FIGHT the elements and dive into the word, peace comes over the house (lets just say if this keeps up - I could be a Biblical scholar because the calm is GREAT). I don't want to give satan what he wants - which is recognition and time - so I'll leave you with this... God loves me - He wants a relationship with me - He wants me to want to know him... and from doing this study there is nothing more that I want now than for Him to call me his friend (like he called Abraham). I have a long way to go... but I will fight for the time because God promises that he will bless those who are faithful!

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