Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Noah seems to talk more than most boys his age. He comes by it honestly - we all know Wade is a talker (hee, hee). It's not like I am claiming he is the smartest kid in the world (well, he is a first born and my child) but he does communicate A LOT.
But now, he has started to sing! It's not the right words but it is the right beat... does that make sense? The best example I can give to you his singing to the Veggie Tales theme song... what usually goes like this:

If you like to talk to tomatoes,
If you like to see them smile.
Have we got a show for you...

In Noah's version goes like this:
Bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, b-bob, bob
Bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, booooooob.
Bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, BOB!

I am not kidding... he is in perfect beat - it's just that every lyric is bob.
It is just another thing that endures me to my precious Noah!

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