Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today, like any other day, I told Noah not to do something. While gently correcting him from making the same "wrong" decision over and over, I did what I normally do. I grabbed his arm gently and turned his body towards me and told him, "Obey. You need to choose to obey mommy or you WILL sit in time out." You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he weighed the consequences to his actions.... "Ok, is she REALLY serious? What if I did it just one more time - is it worth putting my car down and sitting in time out?" With a smile on his chubby little face - he grabs mine in both his hands and says, "Hi mom." Just like he always does when he is caught doing something.

Later this afternoon, I opened the same door that he had gotten in trouble for touching. Noah quickly walked over to me, grabbed my arm, and said, "Obey." He smiled at me and then walked away. First of all, could he BE any cuter? But does he get it? Does he think that I am just making up rules without meanings or will he realize that I wanted the best for him? I want him to see that there are reasons why we do things and why we don't do things. In the end, when he grows up, I want him (and the rest of my Egglets) to know that the reason why I corrected them was because I saw a bigger picture and their safety and well being were always on the forefront of my mind. Why can't he play with the doors? Because he is two and can not discern the difference between a safe door and an unsafe door. He doesn't know where the door leads... it could be a harmless closet door leading to toys and games or it could be a door that leads to a pool without a fence. The correction takes place consistently so that when he is not in my care, when he is at another person's home, that he will continue to make the safe choice. The hard part is realizing that these lessons may not be fully learned and appreciated until he is older and grown and possibly even a parent himself.

And then I can not help but wonder, is this just like the gentle guidance of our Heavenly Father. How many times has he grabbed my arm and said, "Lisa, Obey." As my Heavenly Father, doesn't he see so much more than I will ever see? Do I not believe that He always has my best interest at heart? So again, as I am in my daily routine of things, I am blown away by the love that the Father has for us, for His grace and His mercy. It is humbling and amazing to see how the very two year old that God gave to me, would teach me more about His love for me, a stupid sheep.

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