Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Note From Noah

It's almost Valentine's Day and I thought I would send a little note to show you what we have been up to! Things have been pretty exciting around here. Mom started a new Bible Study with her friend so Matty, Addie and I hang out with Nana and Papa on Wednesday mornings... We keep them on their toes. Well, except for Papa - he dislocated his hip (I have no clue what that means - mom said it is a BIG ouch!)
I got a new toy storage thing with some of my Christmas money. I love it! It holds all my favorite toys AND is just the right height to race my cars on. It almost makes me want to help clean up at the end of the day!

I have been driving mom and dad crazy by turning on and off all the lights in the house. This one has a handy step next to it - all the others I have to stand on my tippy toes and really reach for them. Mom gets mad when I turn the light off on Matt and Addie. They always start crying... I told mom that I am just trying to help them get over their fear of the dark!
Matty and Addie like to hang out in these funny seats. They are pretty cool seats... Don't worry - we know they were recalled. It was just so they could put a warning on them so that parents don't put their kids in them while up high or in a bath tub.... Mom and Dad never do that - we just use them on the floor. If you look real close - you can see me in the background!
Here are the babies in their Valentine's outfits! Thanks Auntie Ally and Uncle Matt! Matt has about 3 pounds and 1.5 inches on Addie now...As you can see - two pounds are in his cheeks! :0)
Matty is a serious player... he is in his octagon checking out all the hanging toys... it keeps him busy for at lest 15 minutes!
Here's Addie - she is the silly player. Mom took the bumpers off their cribs now since they roll all over the place and put them in here instead. Mom always says that Matty is just sweet and content and that Addie is a pistol. She knows what she wants, when she wants them and isn't afraid to let anyone know!
Here's Addie with one of her dorky bows mom puts on her head... This was on Superbowl Sunday and we all thought she looked more than a little silly! I think Auntie Chris should wear this on her head at her wedding.... well, maybe a white one!
"What's that you're saying?" Matty Moo Moo was trying to convince me to splash mom and dad... but I know better! Matty and I sometimes take baths together. He likes to watch me play with Big Red (my fire truck). Check out the artwork on the wall... Drawing in the bathtub is so fun!
Well, the twins are looking a little bored... I have a new dance that makes them laugh so... until next week!

Love ~

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