Saturday, February 2, 2008

One of THOSE days...

Do you ever have one of THOSE days? Before, when I was not yet a mom - THOSE days consisted of my not getting my way in some way or another. Maybe my non-fat white peppermint mocha from Starbucks came full fat, my boss was riding me at work and traffic going home was horrible. Or maybe I woke up late, my hair looked horrible, work was extra long and dinner was NOT how I intended it to be.

Well, my "Just one of THOSE days" have changed dramatically. First of all, the whole getting my way thing went out the door when I had Noah. Now that I have Noah, Matt and Addie - are you even kidding me? For the past three days I have had "one of THOSE days". Let's see, Addie has decided that she does NOT want to sleep through the night anymore. And, since she is a little thing - we are supposed to do a night feeding if she needs it. Her belly just can't handle the volume yet that Matty's can. Matty and Addie seem to spit up as soon as I have just showered, changed my shirt or wiped off the last spit residue. Addie wants to sit up to see everything - the problem is - she can't sit up yet. Noah seems to have woken up in a 21 month old body with the mind and will of a 5 year old. He can all of a sudden reach the light switches on his own, he can open the doors even with the child proof knobs, he wants to be outside ALL THE TIME and doesn't get that he can't be out by himself or past dark. (I know, mean mommy!)

What I have realized these past three days is that I can have ONE OF THOSE days or I can laugh it off and move forward. Now, let me be clear that this is a work in process... I forget sometimes and want to snap or cry but I just remind myself that I will make it through this hour.
I am trying to see thinks through the eyes of my kids... Noah found something new, something that he could do for himself, something he didn't need mom to do anymore. Now, while lights going on and off 1000 times a day IS annoying (and not good on the light bulbs) it is not going to be forever. Pretty soon he will be into something else. I will still tell him NO, I will still remind him to "OBEY your parents" but my attitude needs to change so that I see this as a new discovery in his 2 year old adventure instead of something that inconveniences my day.
Will tomorrow be ONE OF THOSE days? It may be. But, if I change my attitude - it doesn't have to be!

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