Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joy of Love (Day 21)

Can you say S L A C K E R ?
Want my excuses? Let's see - what's happened between the 16th day and today... hmmm, soccer, a stomach flu, a night out with great friends, yogurt with a former student, Bible Study, a funeral, some temper tantrums, grocery shopping, soccer practice, preschool...
Now, you feel bad for calling me a SLACKER don't you? Hee hee... YAY, my self pity party worked on you! While I have missed some days - I am not going back at this point to catch up... I am just moving forward!
Today's challenge/lesson was on portraits... I had BIG plans to do some solo pics... but the boys insisted on being in pics together... go figure! I have to say that I am soooo glad these guys weren't the "twins"! I could see how it would have been hard not to mix them up.

I mean they have their own look... and definitely their own personality but just the other day I said, 'Look at this adorable pic of Matty Moo.' About a nanosecond later Addie says, "mom - that Noah!' And, she was right... man, at 18 months they looked SO much alike!

And while these boys are fiercely competitive, they really, really do love each other. This was a shot after their "session" was over... I whipped the camera back out to capture their brother moment.

I hadn't planned on photographing Addie... as she had the stomach bug and was up most of the night before - reminding us what she'd eaten that day! But, she grabbed a flower hat and popped in... how could I say no?

And this is SOOOO them... Matty the "sweet" baby of the family, Addie - the "stinker" doesn't that smile say it all? And, Noah - the total first born - fun loving yet serious...

Another moment. I just ADORE my kids!

I did manage to get them separated... WHO is this tall, LEAN young man? My sweet little man who always out of the blue will say, "I love you mom"... and when I say it back says "I love you mostest"

Whose eyes have gotten him out of some pretty sticky situations... can you blame me?

Honestly, after all the pics I have taken this month, I NEVER thought he'd be so sad to not be in some pics....

This kid...Matty Moo, Moo Moo, Moose... I don't care what you call him - he has the BIGGEST heart and a flair for drama! (Miss Kacie - are you teaching him?!?) AND, I have to say this past weekend when Julian was teaching him how to play the harp, my heart melted all over again. He LOVED it and has been begging for one since... I am thinking we'll start with a guitar.

Addie got a little green so I didn't push my luck... but she's been in so many of the photos lately - it was about time her brothers stole the show!

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Kate & Matt Heihn said...

LISA!!! Cutest kids, ever! These pictures are just the best!!!