Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joy of Love Day 2

Today's assignment was to capture a loved one at their best (or worst)... try to capture their true essence...

Now, while I know I am only supposed to be picking one final pic... I had to do two today (again) - The one of Addie is the REAL final - the one of Noah is a bonus as it was his FIRST day of preschool today - and he was so excited that he wore his backpack to breakfast, and to the bathroom and to play trying to waste the moments before we could leave! And, we were STILL 20 minutes early!
I think both of these really capture my munchkins.... I promise that tomorrow - no matter what the assignment - I will follow the rules and have ONE pic and it WILL be of Matty Moo... gotta keep it fair!

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Penny Wolf said...

Beautiful photos Lees! I can't believe that Noah is in preschool!