Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions....

I have never been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions.
Could be because for me it always seemed to be the same... loose weight, get in shape, do better at this or that... but it seems like I always fail.

So, I stopped making them. There is no worse way to spend a New Year's Eve than reflecting on all the things you didn't do last year and just roll them over to the new year. And, I think I finally figured out why... I always seek things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. SO this year I am setting some goals for myself that I think will have a lasting impression on myself, my relationship with Christ, my relationship with my husband and the impact I have on my kids. So... here they go.

1. I want to spend more time with God.... study, music, worship, quiet.... whatever it is... I just want it more. There is a peace about my life when I am EVEN in the midst of storms when I spent time with God.... doesn't make the bad go away but it DOES fill my life with HOPE beyond what I can comprehend here on earth.

2. I want to spend MORE TIME with my husband.... alone. I want to put us first again and have more date nights and just time where we connect without our kids. I believe firmly that it should be God, Husband, Kids.... everything else. But, I will be the first to admit that in the infant years it probably went more like Kids, God, Husband... everything else... or sometimes even kids, everything else, husband, God.... I married him because he is amazing and I love to just hang with him.... so that is what I need to do! (I am thinking a solo vacation to a beachy place would be awesome too!!!)

3. I want to spend more intentional time with my kids.... I play with them all the time... ALL THE TIME... but I want it to be more intentional... play more games, color more pictures, wrestle and giggle as much as we can. My mom said it all the time.... they grow up so fast... and I am sure I rolled my eyes and thought 18 years is a LONG TIME... but Noah is quickly approaching 4 and my babies are already 2 and 4 months! I don't want it to pass me by!

4. Lastly, I want to keep up the new and old friendships that I have. I realized more this year than ever that I have 6 of the most incredible godly women in my life that just really support me, get me and make me laugh! I want them to know they do that for me AND I want to be there for them like they are for me!

So, this year is about building my character. Being the woman God called me to be and soak it all in! Happy New Year to everyone.... 2010 is going to be a BIG one!

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K-Mama said...

So kind of you to mention me as one of the godliest women you know...HA! Totally kidding. Obviously I need to work on humility...