Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Project

It was just one of those days yesterday... you know the kind where you are completely on top of things for once... but the kids are grumpy... why is it that you can't ever seem to get the days you are on top of it coordinated with the ones where they are all blissfully getting along and singing "koom-bye-ya"? (Does that really happen ever to anyone? If so - DON'T comment... I really don't want to hear about it! AND... don't know how to spell that song but you get my point.)

So, last night, there were many other things that should be done - but I wanted to do something to release the day... so I made these shirts that I had been wanting to make for a long time~!

Now, when I say "make" I don't mean the actual shirts... NO... I don't know how to do snaps and classy collars, etc... I mean put the words on the front... which I learned how to do here: http://lilblueboo.blogspot.com/

I don't want you to think that I can just whip up clothes... (I really don't want my husband to think I can just whip up clothes....) I found these shirts on clearance and just wanted to doll them up a little... and thought it would be funny to see them all in them at once... and since they are ALWAYS together... it works perfect... I mean - when they all go to school - this totally loses effect and could quite possible scar them for life! Now, what are the chances of getting a photo of the three of them where you can see their faces AND read the shirts? Close to impossible but the following will do!

Great of the shirts... but no faces.... This was the first time they were allowed to hold candy canes... which by the way they think are decorations! lol

Well, one out of three faces is a success in my book! (I am not Kathy Cole and can not perform miracles with a camera) And, I LOVE the look on Matty's face... Noah had just snapped his candy cane and you can tell that Matty is thinking.... YIKES... what's gunna happen next?

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Ashley said...

So cute!! thanks so much for sharing!!! Is that your Christmas card pic? ;)

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

I love Matty's face! That is making me laugh so hard - I would be just as distressed if I saw candy being broken too!!! Super cute shirts and I love Addie's hair!

Jenny said...

Those are just adorable!!!