Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some girls want diamonds....

But I prefer to get Arizona Jade rocks!

In all seriousness, my husband let me pick out some new plants AND some new rocks for our "dead" spot in our yard! We met Tuesday night and got loads of desert flowers to put all around!

Yesterday the kids and I went to the rock store and Noah helped me pick out and tag our very own Arizona Jade rocks! (He thought it was SO cool to write on tape and stick it to the rocks.) I have to admit when I walked into the rock yard with a double stroller AND a kid in tow - I got some funny looks from the men working the yard... who knew there were SO MANY different types of rocks! When we got there - they asked me the size I thought I was looking for- I looked at the scale rocks and said - prob one or two of the 200 - 300 pounders... they didn't seem impressed at my purchase and told me to look around and find the ones I wanted.

AND then Noah and I got a look at these 1000 and 800 pounders and fell in love! Guess it doesn't matter what kind of rock it is - we women migrate to the BIG ones! The owner came out after a while... think he was intrigued at a woman who choose to bring three kids along. He was the NICEST man EVER... we talked about his granddaughter who was flying in from TX that evening. Not sure how but we got on the economy and I asked how business was... When we went to check out he gave me HALF OFF! Sometime it pays (literally) to be chatty!

They were delivered a little while ago and Noah and I washed them off (I know - WHO washes their rocks!!~) and he helped me place the plants that need to get planted all around them! It was cute - he even told me which color to go where - I am not sure I would have done it the same way - but what the heck... he was so proud of himself that I am NOT going to change it one bit!

So now when I do the dishes - I have a wall of beautiful plants outside in the back and when we drive up - this is what greets us! I can see some jumping and climbing on these in the future while the kids are supposed to be getting into the truck!

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