Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok - I like football. I am not a die hard fan but I like it.

I like the Cardinals... I did and have before they went to the Superbowl this year...

And if you don't believe me - ask Wade who would get their face painted with a cardinal everytime we went to a game!

Today, as I thought I was going to catch a few minutes of the Doctors on TV while all three kids were sleeping... instead I realized that my show was being intrupted for a press conference with Kurt Warner.

Not impressed. When I am mopping the floor - a press conference on football siging is not really my thing. I would rather gather more useless information on medical stuff (I know - I am weird).

And then Kurt Warner says "God".

My head whipped around and I sat down to hear what he had to say. In summary - the media was asking why AZ when SF was offering so much more (money I assume). Kurt says on TV in a live interview that he and his wife wanted to be open to where GOD WANTED THEM... He wanted to make sure that they followed where He was leading them so that they could do whatever He needed them to do. They felt that even though the money and opportunities might have been more elsewhere - they really felt that God was being clear that He wanted them in AZ.

I can tell you know that I have more respect for Kurt Warner than EVER before.

Is he a great football player.... YES!

But I was so impressed that he shared the REAL reason he and his wife made the decision they made. It takes someone who is real and real in their faith to say that on TV. It isn't always the popular thing to claim your faith and admit that it was the primary reason for making whatever decision you make.
He didn't care what others thought - he was real and he was honest. I was impressed that he said it was a family decision made in prayer. I was impressed that he did not get up there and say "I decided". "I felt"... instead he showed the many who were watching that he makes decisions prayerfully and as a partner with his wife.

It is so refreshing to see someone in the public eye - showing a positive way of living instead of being reported for drinking and driving, fighting, drugs - whatever.
I will forever be a fan!

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Rachel said...

I'm not sure how to get this link to work, but I thought this was an interesting clip of KW speaking on the documentary GodInTheBox. Check it out!