Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok... I know it has been FOREVER since I posted but there are some good and some not so good reasons...

The Good Ones!
1. I have found the most amazing group called Kate's Cup on Thursdays! It is at the church where Wade drums every other Sunday with his cousin Eric... So, Kate's Cup is a network of moms who get together to eat, talk, have a devotion and then learn how to take care of themselves or their families better. The first week was on exercise (hmm... are some of you wondering why I stayed?) and the second was on accidents that happen to our children and how we need to focus on the gift that they are AS well as let go of some of the guilt that comes along with being a mom. The people are AMAZING. . . the food, well food is always good. . . but most importantly - it is an out for me that I was desperately seeking! Oh yah - and the kids LOVE the nursery program... Noah even made a new best friend - Jack - who I had no clue was the bass player in Wade's band's son. (Read that 6 times.) The only draw back is that it is 41 miles from our house to their door... yes, that means that it is 82 miles round trip... hmmm.
2. I am still involved in and enjoying my Wednesday Bible Study but the homework has been keeping me busy. It is about the power of a woman's words and we are learning how to use that power for positive instead of negative - to share Christ through our everyday words... maybe that is why I have not written much - ha ha... learning to hone in on those words!
3. My blog business traffic has increased... I am working on an everyday AND Christmas design for a woman in IL who randomly found my site... kinda cool! It has been a fun design to work on in between meals, diaper changes, laundry and naps... whew... I am tired just writing about it.

Bad reasons:
1. Time management... need I say anything more?
2. Over scheduled... we have been SUPER busy as a family - dr appts (well ones), church, zoo trips, birthdays, outings, etc.... while all those are AMAZING things - the fact that we are letting some stuff slip is not so great.
3. I have a TON of fun stuff to post for Noah on his site and the sheer amount of things to report on and post as pics has made me procrastinate.... so here I am writing here on mine instead... lol

Anyways, there are some amazing things that God is working on my in my heart... I will post more soon.

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Anonymous said...

So proud of you with all that you are doing. You are an amazing woman and God is using in many ways--as well as filling you up with fuel that He requires.