Friday, September 12, 2008

One Year Ago...

One year ago I was HUGE! No really, I was 34 weeks, 3 days pregnant with twins. I was on bed rest (my 5th week) and sulking because it would be my birthday tomorrow and I wanted so desperately to go out one last time before the twins came.

I was excited because I had special permission to go to dinner for my birthday and it was ALL I could think about.

I was on medication every 3 hours to make my contractions stop...

Wade was at SALT (a ministry that used to be at Canyon)...

7pm - My contractions were pretty consistent and not painful, but also not a walk in the park.

8pm - Time for my next dose of wonder drug.

9pm - Contractions are every 5 mins but still not "hurting" bad.

10pm - Contraction STILL every 5 mins and starting to get a little rough.

11pm - Time for my next dose of wonder drug... called the Dr... said to see if the next dose worked - if not come in. I went to bed...totally willing this all to stop because I did NOT want to have them yet.

2am - Woke up to my alarm for my next dose of wonder drug... smiled to myself - "It's MY birthday!"

4am - Woke up to pretty good contractions. Crap. I really want Los Dos tonight... something tells me I won't be getting it!

4:15am - Wake up Wade and tell him we might need to head to the hospital. Wade's response? "Ok". Rolls over and falls back asleep.

4:25am - Go downstairs. Check hospital bag, pack Noah's bag. Leave instructions for Wade. Pick up a little bit.

5am - Take next dose of wonder drug that is not so wonderful anymore. Read and count contractions.

6am - Wade's alarm goes off.... tell him he might be missing work today... he looks at me funny - obviously when I woke him in the middle of the night - he was NOT awake...

6:15am - Wade is rushing around and saying let's go... I answer, "I need to take a shower and do my hair, and call my parents, and get Noah ready. Wade seems stunned.

8am - Load a sleepy Noah, our stuff and head to mom and dad's. Wade's parents would load up to pick up Noah so my parents could come to the hospital if needed. Take next dose of wonder drug that is NOT working AT ALL.

9:15am - Sitting in Labor and Delivery - waiting for someone to give me magnesium again to stop labor and send me home.

9:30am - Dr asks me how I feel about sharing my birthday...SHARE WHAT?

9:45am - Confirmed that I would be having these guys today... casually ask what time about... in 45 mins! OH MY GOSH - Call my mom and dad and tell them to GET TO THE HOSPITAL!

I don't remember much after that. It was a blur and a rush. By 10:34 and 10:35am Addie Mae and Matthew Douglas had entered the world!


So, tomorrow I turn 34 and the twins turn 1. (And we have Kacie - the world's best babysitter - coming so that we can go out to LOS DOS!) Birthdays and age have never bothered me. I don't care how old I am - maybe someday I will - but it doesn't bother me at all...

And this year - it REALLY doesn't bother me... I consider the signs of aging my proof that I made it through a year with twins AND a 2 year old! I have earned every spot that doesn't look like new skin, I have earned this new wisdom I have about juggling and balancing, I have earned the laugh lines enjoying my crazy life and I haven't just earned this mom's figure - I worked hard for 9 months to get it this way - ha ha!

For this next year - this is what I want for my life...

  • I want to be easier on myself. I want to enjoy what I have instead of constantly trying to fix what I don't like.

  • I want to enjoy every day that I have with my husband and kids more intentionally.

  • I want to keep getting to know my mom the way I have this past year... not just as a mom but as someone I could not imagine life without.

  • I want to keep being creative - dumb crafts, blogs, scrap booking, etc.

  • I want to keep establishing new traditions with MY family!

  • I want to keep learning more about the God who made me in His own image!

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