Friday, August 29, 2008

Failed The Test...

I wouldn't normally admit to this - but I have failed a test! I failed it pretty bad... now, I am full of excuses, but even though some of them are pretty good ones. I failed.

Wednesday night I thought out wood floor in the hallway to our living room looked funny. I mentioned it to Wade and he thought it was strange but we both moved on.

Thursday morning - I get up with the kids like always. Get bottles, sippy of milk, let the dog out and start the "stuff" for the day. I let the dog back in and notice that she dripped slobber on the floor. I am a little ticked - I must wipe up the slobber like 15 times a day in the summer. On my way back from wiping up the slobber, I notice more...


The dog is upstairs and has not been back to this "weird" looking spot on the floor. WAIT a minute... it is a much larger section of floor that looks funny AND there is more water when I step on it.

Wade is already gone for work - so I do what I do best when stressed.... I panic.
I am thinking "What in the world am I going to do dealing with a ruptured pipe while watching/chasing/feeding/wrestling 3 kids 2 and under?"

So, I do what any housewife would do - I called Wade.

He rushed back - turned off the water - yes, I know how to do it now and helps me figure out what we are going to do with the three kids while we have no running water in the house. I call mom, Jake (Christine's husband who is in the construction remodeling business with his dad), and the leak detector guy (whom Jake recommended). We call the insurance company and the contractors who will repair the leak, the damage, and the floor.

And then I started crying. Wade - who is the logical one- told me to stop crying - there was nothing we could do about it now - we just needed to deal with it and get it fixed. Men. Why can't they just get stressed and cry every once and a while... ha! I know why... so that we don't have two blubbering parents who are stressed and not getting anything done.

So, I load up a diapered only Addie, Noah and Moo in his PJ's - 2 duffel bags of stuff we need for the next 24 hours, a pak-n-play, my computer and some tutu supplies and head to mom's.

I don't know what mom thinks - but 24 hours later - the situation seems much more under control. We found the leak (the filter to the refrigerator). We have water on for the time being. A contractor should be here later today to fix the leak. The insurance adjuster should be calling be the end of tomorrow to asses the damage to the floor... the kids are at Nana's and I am here in a very quiet house just waiting.

"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Opps. I missed the boat on this one. I freaked, stressed, cried, got mad, worried about money, worried about the kids, worried about upsetting my mom's routine, got grumpy (that one is probably the hardest to imagine) and let this thing consume me.

I had a hole in our concrete, walls ripped apart, a HORRIBLE floor, a canceled 1 year birthday party, our saving DEPLETED, 3 kids walking through dust and muck ...

When I didn't even have all the facts.

Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart.

He had it all the time. He was probably even snickering a little at my hole in the concrete, walls ripped down... He was thinking "Lees, it is JUST the filter. Chill and trust in Me."

So, I got an "F" for this test. I think I learned though - I don't need another one to see how I will do next time.
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Kate said...

Ah, I was hoping it was something funny like Noah found a fun new place to go potty!!! This is no good.

ocm said...

Gawrsh...Failed? Really? Yes, I have to admit I've fallen into the same many times. I worry, I fret, I cry...God is still in control!

I see your scenario and the time falling apart to time picking up the pieces ratio and I'm going to give you some credit.

You followed your husbands lead, you took care of your children and realised when you attempted the whole control/worry thing rather than trusting our sovereign God.

Your heart is seeking the Lord. He is sovereign. He knew the water was going to lead...he will use the situation to His you are allowing Him even now!!


Oh, and Norman really appreciated your ear rubs. At this point in life...cuddles are what he lives for!

: )

Jessa said...

I'm with Kate! I totally thought it was Noah tricking you and peeeing in the corner! That would have been so much easier to deal with! I'm so sorry Lisa, but I must tell you that I would have done the same thing, and Jon would have stood there like Wade, looking at me like I'm a blubbering fool! Why are we so quick to freak out? "Be still," right?