Tuesday, June 3, 2008


That seems to be the only word to describe life in the EggeBrecht home lately. We had the stomach flu about 3 weeks ago and now are fighting croup in Noah and Addie... lovely. I haven't blogged because it has been so busy and frankly I am tired... but I miss it.
So, what have I learned lately? Well, this is a little embarrassing but that is what a blog is about right - showing who you really are? Well, I have learned that when times are tough - when I am so tired I can't see straight - that I lean on GOD a ton. When things are calm and quiet. When I perceive them to be perfect and easy - well, GOD is not always the center.
I know why - when I am stressed I seek HIM more - I think that if I pray more or live the model life - HE will get rid of whatever is ailing me. It is sad and not right on so many levels. When my kiddos have a great day or there is something cute they did - I call Wade and my mom to share the news. I am so excited to tell them all about it. Why don't I think to "call" GOD? HE heard it too. HE saw it too. He loves what they do on a day to day basis probably more than I do. Most importantly, HE created all of us and wants to share in all the milestones of our lives - good or bad.
So, I am trying - trying to talk to GOD all day long. Not just about the problems. Not just the pleas in the middle of the night to let Addie breathe better so that she can get well. (OK and so that I can selfishly get some sleep too.) Not just for the puking to stop. I want to tell HIM that Matt just got a tooth today and I think that He (God) did a great job placing it. I want to tell HIM that I lost 6 pounds already and thank HIM for giving me the encouragement from friends and success to keep going.
The key to being a Christian is the relationship we have with Christ. I want to have a real relationship with HIM. I want to treat HIM better than I would treat my best friend. I want to think of HIM first all the time and when I have the urge to pick up the phone to call my husband or a friend - I want the urge to be to tell HIM first and then everyone else next. I think I struggle with the tangible part the most. I long to hear a voice, see a face or feel touch. I want my faith to be so strong that I can hear HIS voice, see HIS face and feel HIS touch.

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