Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hidden Treasures

Just because we are adults doesn't mean that we can't find hidden treasures! In my own life I have found that the search isn't the same as it used to be. I can remember playing with my sister in our backyard - using peach tree leaves as the "tickets" or "money" to board a plane, ride a bus or hop on ship to some adventure we would scheme up. We would pretend our hearts away and usually ended up finding a treasure in the playhouse our dad built us.
Recently I realized that I had yet again found a treasure. It wasn't money or gold. It wasn't a new toy or even a sweet treat. This treasure sat before me in the form of a Bible study leader. She is one of those people who acts as if she has known you forever the first time you meet. She is willing to share her life but you can also tell that she guards and protects her family from the things that she should not tell. She offers insight and wisdom without be haughty.
And she is moving away. When she announced the move - I felt a little pit in my stomach. I had intended to see if she wanted to go to coffee sometime. I had intended to hear her story - find out where she came from in detail and listen to how she received her call to be a Bible study leader. I had intended to see if our families could meet - it just seemed like they would get along. And she is moving away.
And then I realized the treasure I was given. God had placed her in my life, briefly, to teach me something else I needed to know about Him. He taught me that I can choose to live my life how she was - that I could seize the moment - live for Him and touch lives no matter where I go. Melanie touched me by being a real, honest, open and loving person. She didn't gossip with me and make me feel like I was in the inner circle - we talked about OUR lives, OUR kids, and shared in growing in OUR walk with Christ. I learned that there may be people in our lives for different lengths of time. The kicker is - we never know the length of time we will have. So, it is critical to make the moments count ~ talk about what matters - don't wait to invite people into our lives and our homes.
Melanie - may the move be great and may there be someone just like you on the other end - ready to open up and share with you in the same way you opened up and shared with me!
I will miss you tons!

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