Friday, January 25, 2008

Let's Get Started

OK, many of you are going to think that my family's obsession with Veggie Tales is going WAY TO FAR - but read on and maybe you will understand my purpose with this blog and how in the world it got its name.

Noah was given "The Wizard of Ha's" DVD. He watches it all the time. It is a Veggie Tales account of the Prodigal son. He must have seen it 15 times before I actually sat down one day and watched it completely with him. In it is a song sung by Junior Asparagus:
"Somewhere beyond the barn,
far from this lousy farm,
I'll find my happiness.
I'll do what I like best,
somewhere beyond the barn."
At the end of the DVD the song changes to reflect Jr's learning. He learned that things aren't always what they seem like "beyond the barn". He learned that true happiness is right in front of you - you just need to recognize it.

And then it hit me. How many times have I been looking "beyond the barn" for what was always right in front of me? How many times have I been jealous over other's circumstances? (I could be assuming wrong - but haven't you found yourself in the same situation?) That is when I decided that I wanted to be intentional about looking for all the good around me; not just being content but being elated by my current life. I want to be intentional about praising God for what is going on right here, right now instead of asking for something more or wallowing in what I think are "major" troubles.

This blog is going to be about my family. It will be about the small everyday things that make ours the best "barn" for us in the world. It will be stories about my kids, my husband, "tips" that make my life easier, and open dialogue, like above, about the things God is showing me in my life. I am old enough and wise enough to realize that I don't hold all the answers (actually, many less than I once thought) and that is where you come in. I want the comments from you to help me see different perspectives - to stretch me to new limits.

Welcome to our Barn, where the Eggelets are abundant, the smells VERY real and the crops a result of hard work and lots of care over the seeds that God has planted in our lives...

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Suzanne said...

lisa! you are too cute! of course you can link me! you didn't have to ask...i have no idea how half of the people find me! ;) your little babies are absolutely adorable!!!